Hassle Free T-Shirts For Your Business, Club, Sports League, or Non-Profit

How It Works


Front of shirt with logo areaYou fill out our simple order form selecting the options you would like for your shirts. Near the bottom of this same form upload your large high quality logo, design, or image then click submit. Design recommendations for best results.

We receive your order. We create and maintain the online listing in Amazon’s catalog for your shirts. We email you the link to view and order your shirts when the listing is ready to go. (Allow up to 24 hours to create your shirt listing, and receive your link.)

You or your customers can buy securely with confidence from the Amazon listing page when or where ever you are.


Back of shirt with logo areaThis gives you the freedom to concentrate on your main business, while you gain all the benefits of having a great advertising product working for your business.

Setup is FREE! Nothing to lose. Try it now.

Benefits of our T-Shirt program.
Brand Exposure

Free exposure for your business on Amazon’s massive product catalog. Anyone that shops on Amazon can find and purchase your shirt to become a loyal fan of your brand and products.

Free exposure for your business on Google Search through Amazon’s indexed pages.

Millions of potential fans and customers search and shop on Amazon everyday.

Free Advertising when customers and fans wear your logo shirts.


Ensure local customers and fans wear your shirts by running loyalty promotions for customers that wear your logo shirt when visiting your business.

Put the short link to your online shirt on any of your normal promotional channels, website, social media, or local advertisements, menus, and fliers to allow your customers to order direct.


With your high quality logo upload, setup is always FREE!

No shirt inventory to manage except what minimal stock you may want to carry on hand locally. It’s up to you!

No upfront costs, campaigns, or minimum orders. You pay for as many or few shirts as you want. T-Shirts are printed on demand then shipped to you or your customers, depending on who placed the order. (Allow large orders up to two weeks to complete printing, and be shipped. Order well before any time sensitive events. Shirt creation time can vary depending on quantity and demand.)

Shipping is free when ordered with an Amazon Prime account or for non-Amazon Prime orders over $49. (non-Amazon Prime orders under $49 normal shipping rates apply).

No extra cost for Men, Women, and Youth styles and sizes, available in up to 5 colors.

Men’s Style

Women’s Style

Youth Style

Setup is FREE! Nothing to lose. Try it now.