Maximize brand development and exposure with t-shirt advertising

May 29, 2016
Posted by Carl Sian


You just paid a designer for a fancy new logo to represent your business. Now what else can you do with it (besides just putting it on your website and social media accounts) to get the word out about your business, products, or event?


Develop your brand by maximizing exposure with a modern t-shirt advertising program.

The Old Way, The Hassle

Have you ever thought of t-shirt advertising for your business, and then realized you didn’t want to deal with all the hassles that come with it?

  • Running campaigns
  • Ordering inventory
  • Keeping inventory
  • Losing inventory
  • Selling T-Shirts


None of which are part of your core business. Putting your valuable resources into the above processes is probably what’s stopping you from taking advantage of eye to body/word of mouth t-shirt brand advertising.

The New Way, The Benefits

Black Dog Custom Shirts modern hassle free t-shirt program is striving to make it easy for any business, club, sports league, or non-profit to get t-shirts for their brand development needs.

Not only do you get eye to body/word of mouth advertising when excited fans, and customers wear your logo, this modern program also exposes your brand to potentially millions of daily Amazon shoppers, with even more exposure on Google search results through Amazon’s indexed pages.

There are no minimum orders, no upfront cost, and setup is FREE!

No inventory for you to manage unless you want to keep a few popular sizes and colors in stock locally to wear, show, sell, or use for your customer loyalty programs.

None of your valuable resources get used up, managing a heavy t-shirt program.

How does it work?

You fill out the programs quick order form and upload a large high quality image of your logo, product, or event. A listing is then created and managed for your shirt on Amazon’s market place. Then a short link to your shirt(s) is emailed to you for review and purchasing if you like. You could then add this link to your normal local promotional channels (fliers, menus, newspaper ads, etc.), and your website or social media accounts.

If you have a fun business with a great logo, product, or event image, that reaches out to the t-shirt crowd (you know, the all elusive millennials). You already have a rabid fan base that is clamoring for a shirt to show they love your business or products. You know your great business is prime for developing excited fans. You are done with your old fashioned t-shirt program and want to try a better way. Then this may be the perfect t-shirt program for you. Setup is always free so there is nothing to lose to get started.

For more information or to get started please visit Black Dog Custom Shirts.

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