Terms, Content Policy, and Design Recommendations

Terms and Conditions

​By accepting the order form terms and conditions, you agree that you have the rights to grant Black Dog Custom Shirts rights to produce a shirt with your logo, image(s), and design, to be offered for sale by private or public link on Amazon.com. We will make every effort to provide the requested ordering options, but options (shirt colors) on the order form are subject to change or unavailability at any time.

Black Dog Custom Shirts reserves the right to deny production of a shirt design for not following content policy guidelines (see below) at our own discretion.

By submitting a design, you are expected to conduct proper research to ensure that the design is in compliance with all local, state, national, and international, trademark, and copyright laws.

After shirts are made available on Amazon.com, they can be removed upon email request. If shirts are determined to be a dead product (No orders for 6 months) we reserve the right to remove the shirts from the Amazon catalog at any time.

Any and all royalties earned on shirts created by Black Dog Custom Shirts are retained by Black Dog Custom Shirts.

Base prices for shirts are subject to market conditions and material costs and could change at anytime.

Black Dog Custom Shirts is a member of Amazon Associates program and uses Amazon affiliate links to make a small commission from products sold at no extra cost to you.

Black Dog Custom Shirts is not employed or endorsed by Amazon.com.

Content Policy

Content Policy shirt denials may include, but not limited to – illegal and infringing content, promoting hate or intolerance, promoting violence, pornography, child exploitation, animal exploitation, animal abuse, or human tragedy.


We appreciate your business and value your privacy. We will never give, sell, trade, or share any personal information provided to us by you. Unless lawfully ordered by a court of law.

Advertising and Products

Product links, and ads displayed on this site may contain affiliate links that afford us a small commission when a link is clicked and a product is purchased at no extra cost to you. These programs help us provide quality services at reasonable prices to our customers. We appreciate your support by using these affiliate links.